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The Colour Style Image Hub

A quick and easy way to navigate your way through the plethora of mini-courses, training with certification, and customised business training options for image consultants. Whether it's for personal interest, or to become an image consultant, or to build and develop your image business, there's something here for you!

High Resolution Colour Fabric Fan Photography

Give your clients an online colour experience

colour your client fabulous online
Give your clients a brand-new online colour experience.
Learn how to find and book clients, take online payments and deliver a fabulous unique online colour experience.

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The Style Training Collection 2020

The Style Training Collection contains a Ladies’ Personal Style course, Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Planning training, a set of 34 Colour Style Image Audiobooks, a set of 20 step-by-step Colour & Style Masterclasses, and last but not least, a set of 3 Image Consultancy mini-courses. Celebrate in style and give your image consultancy a huge boost with new training and huge savings.

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Image Consultant Training with Kim Bolsover sorted by price

There’s no better time to get started with your online image consultant training, and there’s lots to choose from. So to help you navigate through the plethora of training options and ‘have fun with colour’ goodies, I’ve sorted them into price bands so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

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Step-by-Step Image Consultant Training Roadmap to Certification

Questions I’m asked by aspiring image consultants the most often are “Which course should I take?”, “What’s the difference between this course and that?” and “What should I do next?” So let’s have a look at how to become an image consultant, and the courses you should take, and the order you should do them in, using my step-by-step roadmap to certification.

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